Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Punk Rock and Politics Mixtape Vol.2

This Episode of the Punk Rock and Politics Podcast will look back at all the pervious artists that have joined us in the political mosh pit from episodes #22-45! Here is the track listing in order:

1.390 - Don’t Want to Be Controlled

2.Fossil Youth - Minco

3.The Challenged - Oh What a Day

4.Pariah State  - A Happy Song

5.Bruce Harris & Derek Cole - Satellite Saints

6.Something More ft. Tillie - It's Not About You Pt. II

7.Mike Gales - Take That

8.Rio Goldhammer & The F.U.X - The Red Flag

9.President Sam - Dark Romances

10.Mitch Ness - Throw You Away

11.New Crimes - Lost Cause

12.The Lovely Creatures - Amun Ra

13.Altered Sky - This War Is Mine

14.Trapdoor Social - Sunshine

15.The Soft White Sixties - Miss Beverly

16.Gregory II – GROWING

17.Sleepless Bandits – Alexandria

18.Cheap Perfume - It's Okay (To Punch Nazis)

19.Life Lessons - Attention To Detail

20.The Stalins of Sound - Pool of Piranha

21.DOWNTOWN - World War 8

22.The Vile Assembly - Body Bags

23.The Whining Pussys - Facebook Is An Asshole

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